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Attachment based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor, specialising in attachment theory and trauma

(UKCP) North London

I am a registered UKCP attachment based Psychoanalytic psychotherapist, a training supervisor and a training therapist. I run a private practice in North London. I specialise in matters of attachment, trauma and dissociation and see clients from all walks of life.  I regularly write articles, book chapters and present in international conferences on these topics.

My Approach

As an attachment based psychotherapist, I recognise that early life experience, childhood adversity and the environment in which one grows up essentially defines who we are. I take a relational and trauma-informed approach to working with people who come to see me. My focus is on the centrality of early life experiences and its impact later on in adulthood. I believe that no child is born bad, sad or mad and that the client’s unhelpful behaviour is their adjustment to their early life difficulties. The pain, anger and despair generated by adverse relationships and life circumstances need to be witnessed and countered. Therapy seems to work best in a safe, reparative relationship. Taking an attachment and trauma-informed approach enables the therapist to avoid using the pathology of mental illness which tends to objectify and stigmatise people.

I approach all of my clients with empathy and compassion and provide emotional support to enable my clients to feel validated, understood and recognised. A relational approach means that the healing capacity lies fundamentally in the collaborative relationship between the client and the therapist. Attachment, developmental and trauma theories allow the possibility for a transformative shift in life that can lead not just to the stabilisation of symptoms but enables long term meaningful change in the client’s relational life.

My Services

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Parental Guidance

Attachment & Trauma Specialist


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