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Parental Guidance

The majority of  parents love and care for their children, however, some parents suffer from the intergenerational transmission of unresolved trauma which in turn can cause difficulties that result in their child’s problematic behaviour. Using an attachment lens and a gentle, non-shaming approach, I help parents learn how their children interpret the world around them. Through this process, they can acquire a richer and more compassionate understanding of themselves as well as their child which will help foster security.

Attachment theory, as developed by John Bowlby, revealed the impact of loss, separation and other adverse events in the early years. Attachment theory has often been criticised for “blaming the parent”, but then each parent was once a child. In stopping this cycle of repetition, attachment theory is a theory of hope. After all, if we are capable of making things go wrong, we are equally capable of putting them right. 

Psychotherapy for parents allows a process of repair and healing to take place. This is a most effective form of therapy that shows rapid results and allows a renewed bonding to develop between parent and child.

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Attachment & Trauma Specialist


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