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I provide supervision to therapists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counsellors and students from around the world and from different psychotherapeutic schools and modalities.

Attachment based supervision, like attachment based psychotherapy, offers the supervisee a secure base from which we can mutually explore their clinical work without fear of criticism and possible power dynamics. As well as modelling attachment theory, my theoretical orientation includes objects relations, psychoanalysis and the latest research in trauma and dissociation. Through the transference and countertransference matrix, we explore the relational aspects communicated by the client’s internal and external world. I encourage the supervisee to develop their own way of reflecting, thinking and processing their clinical material through mirroring and in a non-shaming manner, so that they can establish their own subjectivity and confidence as a therapist. 

My knowledge of trauma and dissociation often adds a deeper level to the supervisory dyad as well as to the well-being of the client. 

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Parental Guidance

Attachment & Trauma Specialist

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